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Pentecost 2017


From the Rector

Every year, in the fall, the church has a campaign that we mistakenly call Stewardship.  Honestly, for many people the campaign it is just about institutional fundraising.  I have talked to numbers of you about financial issues this summer and one thing keeps coming into these conversation:  Prince of Peace looks so good on the surface and what that must mean is that we are doing well financially and don’t need money.


The truth is the buildings are well cared for, the lawns and gardens are manicured, windows, floors, carpets and bathrooms are clean, when things break down they are repaired in a timely manner.  However, that does not equate to “doing well financially.”  There are dozens of facility items that we would like to address but, at the moment, do not have sufficient funds.


We are paying our bills however maintenance needs are stacking up; essentially we are waiting for what feels like a triage exercise. 

As numbers of you heard over the summer at our meetings on facilities and securities needs, our budget runneth over on repair and maintenance by August.  We are in an aging facility ; paint, plumbing, air conditioning, carpeting, roofing, flooring all need care, repair, and replacement.


Sometimes it is helpful to publish figures.  Now the first thing I would do if I saw this list would be to ask, Where can we cut back?  Unfortunately, this is the annual bare bones facilities operations:


1.    Gardner   $8133 (for weekly service)

2.    Carpet care $830 (biannual cleanings)

3.    Custodial service $15,970  (six days a week)

4.    Repairs  $23,126

5.    Trash pickup $8393 (4 pickups a week)

6.    Pest control $2942 (monthly treatment for insects and gophers)

7.    Supplies $9627 (toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, cleaning supplies, light bulbs)

8.    Security $5805 (monthly monitoring and maintenance)


1. Water $13,517 (due to our drought tolerant planting, this is the lowest figure in years).
2. Gas  $842
3. Electric  $25,974


Grand total of facilities expenses $114,623.


A major issue for me as your pastor is that every dollar we spend on our facility is a dollar we cannot spend directly on relational ministries that affect people’s lives and draw them closer to the Kingdom of God. This calls for a growth in giving.


I do not have a crystal ball, but I see three possibilities regarding the future of our facilities and our ministries here at Prince of Peace:


1.    We will so focus on our physical building needs that our ministries will suffer.

2.    Parishioners will grow their giving to help meet the costs of facilities and ministries.

3.    Parishioners will remember us in their estates (I have suggested giving 10% of your estate to Prince of Peace).  What we may not have been tithing during life we could all tithe in our death). The idea being those monies would be invested and used for future capital expenses that are outside our yearly budget.


There is so much health about our community to celebrate.  Finances are an area we need to seriously address now.


In Christ,

Fr. Rand


Worship Schedule

Pentecost 2017


6:30am – Holy Communion in the Chapel

This service is ½ hour long followed by a continental breakfast.  A great service for commuters who want spiritual refreshment for the middle of the week.




September 10 – Start Up Sunday:

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


September 17Pentecost 15

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


September 24Pentecost 16

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

October 1 – Pentecost 17

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


October 8 Holy Women, Holy Men: St. Francis

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


October 15 Holy Women, Holy Men: St. Philip Deacon

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


October 22Holy Women, Holy Men: St. Luke the Physician

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


***Daylight Savings – Turn your clocks back 1 hour Saturday night, October 28*** 


October 29Pentecost 21

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


November 5 – Feast of All Saints

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

10am – Baptism


November 12Stewardship

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


November 19Stewardship

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


Wednesday, November 22Thanksgiving Eve

7pm – Holy Communion


November 26–         Christ the King Sunday  - Wear white to church

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


December 3 Advent 1

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


Parish Family Notes

Want to know why things look so beautiful in our gardens? Because of the hard work of our Garden Guild! Thank you,  Rosemary Stewart, Ann Finke, Margaret Shively, and Diane Mitchell for the time spent this summer keeping our Rose Garden and planters watered and nurtured.


Thanks to Karmen Brower who has taken on the task of managing the kitchen.  With so many groups using this facility, Karmen has agreed to help us all keep this part of our facility in clean and working order.


Thanks to Paul Bishop for teaching the 9am Sunday class this spring.  The class was titled: Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church by N.T. Wright.  The book is available on Amazon.


Thanks to our Audit Committee: Patti Crawford, Karmen Brower, Mahala Jory, and Dana Waer,  who completed our audit for 2016 on time!


Thank you to Dave Dumas for the unseen and very much appreciated work he does as our Treasurer. 


Many thanks to Barbara Partridge, our Community Garden Angel and John Arnold, our Orchard Angel for all the work they do in maintaining, and harvesting fruits and vegetables for our Food Pantry.


Thanks to Troop 22's Josh Matalski for his work on his Eagle Scout project to renovate the sink and counter area in the church kitchen. Special thanks to our Facilities Committee: Joe Stewart, Ann Gillinger, George Packer, Dennis Bartz, Etta Litterini, and Scott Heiss for lending their time and expertise and to all the parishioners who donated to the project.


The Next Baptism will be Sunday, November 5, The Feast of All Saints.  If you are interested in the Sacrament of Baptism for yourself or are inquiring for someone else, please contact the church office at 818-346-6968.




The Alpha Course is about to begin.  For over 20 years Prince of Peace has used the Alpha Course as a means to welcome and integrate people into our community of faith.  What better way than to break bread together, laugh, learn and share to become part of the family of faith?

Alpha begins on Tuesday September 12th with dinner at 6:15pm and runs for 8 Tuesday evenings.  In our world where so many people feel disconnected from one another, which causes a great deal of loneliness, Alpha is a time to make friends, share topics of eternal importance and to focus on the most important facet of the Christian life: Loving God and Loving our neighbor as we love ourselves.

Please sign up to attend (follow this link) , or if you have attended already and would like to help as a cook, set up/clean up helper/ or small group facilitator, please contact Fr. Rand at

For more information, contact the office at  or visit and click on the Alpha link on the homepage.


*Childcare is provided upon request. 


Fall Adult Education

 “But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4


Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning Bible Study

EXODUS - Gateway to the Bible

A Kerygma Program study of the Book of Exodus;

Resource books are $20 and are available in the office or at the first class.

2 Class Options:

7 Tuesday nights, September 12 through October 24 from 6:15-8:30 pm (begins with dinner)
7 Wednesday mornings, September 13 through October 25 at 10:00 am


For more information or to sign up, contact Paul Bishop at or 310-918-4761. or the office at

Paul Bishop



From the Vestry

Facilities Updates: Summary of Congregational Meetings


The Vestry and Facilities Committee have created and are maintaining a spreadsheet of ongoing needs, prioritizing as they become more urgent:


We did budget for and have accomplished:

1.  Replaced two air conditioners: one in Narthex ($4,460), one in Choir Loft ($7,795) to work in concert with the Big Unit serving the Sanctuary

2.  Partition wall (moveable) repair in Family Center 1846.00 + $5,860*= 7,706  (*= not budgeted)

3.  Following analysis of expenses, raised rent to our tenants, the Bridge Club, by $450 per month

4.  Electrician: $2750 – workroom lights, outdoor lighting, installed fan in nursery

5.  Painting $2750+ 2300*= 5,050(*= not budgeted)

6.  Carpet cleaning twice annually

7.  Held 2 work parties to accomplish what we can with volunteer labor: changing air conditioning filters, washing tables, chairs, repair of gates,

And then there are emergencies: 

a. Infestation in the pantry requiring additional spraying

b. Door locks broken needing immediate repair

c. Sanctuary Unit air conditioner repairs

And requests:

            Upholstery cleaning for sanctuary pews – not in this year’s budget, but will be added to next year’s – getting bids to be ready when funded.


Currently, all additional requests are “on hold” as we have spent our budget for this year.


We also have ongoing projects seeking “funds-beyond-the-basics.”  These include

1.  The Eagle Scout Project to replace and repair the sinks area o the upper hall, Taylor Hall, kitchen (the Pantry kitchen)

2.  The Men’s Bathroom Upgrades

3.  Sanctuary flooring

4.  Growing financial needs of the Community Dinner including food handling protocols, training/certification, equipment maintenance, addition of dishwasher


Referencing our Safety Issues:

1.  Held staff meeting with Officer Sean Dinse

2.  Creating a list, at his suggestion, of campus expectations


Referencing our Pest Maintenance Issues:

1.  Meeting with botanist from Western Exterminator

2.  New protocols for Pantry workers

3.  New protocols for POP users of the kitchen

4.  New requirements for Community Dinner ongoing

5.  Formation of a Quality Assurance Committee


We enjoyed the lively conversation these issues created at our four congregational meetings.  All are welcome to attend our next Vestry Update Meeting in the Guild Room on Sunday, September 10 following both services.  If you have further concerns, questions, ideas, or suggestions, please let Senior Warden Gary Palmquist know and we will add them to the conversation for Vestry consideration.

Ann Gillinger

Junior Warden



Vendor List

Prince of Peace has received wonderful service from the following individuals and companies:

Air Conditioning and Heating:      Tate Heating and Air -  (818) 883-9444

                                                            Reliable Heating and Air- Ramon.: (818) 998-1222: 

Carpet Cleaning:                             Service Master of the Conejo Valley – Maui Khalil:  (805) 496-2620

Electrician:                                        Ace Electric: Alan: (661) 755-3407

Landscaping:                                    Francisco Cervantes – (818) 882-8367

Locksmith:                                         A1A Locksmith – Nathan: (818) 914-8859 

Painter:                                              Gilberto Ruiz  (805) 499-9815   

Plumber:                                            Zolt’s Plumbing (818) 887-5956



Children & Families Ministry (818) 346-6968


 As Fall begins let us not lose sight of our family’s journey of faith. This season brings with it many demands on our family time: school, homework, reports, soccer, basketball, etc. We plod along taking on purposeful activities until we find ourselves in chaos. Being guardian of our children's faith, we need to make a commitment to continue leading them into a relationship with God. This may mean seriously setting aside time for church, Sunday School & prayer. Our children’s relationship with God will enhance all their activities and give them the power to overcome all the obstacles they will encounter in their present life and through adulthood. “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it” Proverbs 22:6  


Only 1 Hour a Month! Our children need your help in Sunday School; only 1 hour on 1Sunday a month! We need some adults who would like to share God’s word with our wonderful children. You only need to guide our children to different activities. All lessons and crafts are provided; our program runs on Sundays from 10am to 11:15am. We are looking for you! Please pray about this and contact Linda at if you can help.


God Bless you.


Linda Sawyer


Thank Yous

thanks you myspace orkut friendster commentsA Big Thanks to our wonderful Vacation Bible School Leaders who taught our children that they were ‘Created by God & Built for a Purpose! Each day the children had great fun memorizing Bible verses, singing Bible songs to the Lord and listening to bible stories. Thank You! Thank You!







Upcoming Events

Start-Up Sunday is September 10 .

9am: POP Teachers Meeting Come have a continental breakfast as we look at our fall curriculum: Walking through the Bible.


10am: Children and Teachers will begin in Church. Teacher Commissioning will take place at the beginning of the 10am service. All Leaders will be invited to stand on the Altar steps for a prayer. The leaders and children will then proceed to their classrooms. 


Sunday, September 17 .

11:30am: Ice Cream Social - hosted by the children as a thank you to the congregation for their support & prayers. Look for the table on the patio!

Fall Curriculum

Our children will be walking through the Bible by taking a whirlwind journey from Genesis to Revelation. Our children will experience a relationship with God through the eyes of ordinary Bible people. They will discover that they’re a lot like people God has always loved and worked through.


Outreach Opportunities

Operation Christmas Child

Begin Packing Shoeboxes in October!

In October we will begin packing for Operation Christmas Child. This may seem early but the boxes need to be processed by November 12 to be on their way across the world in time for Christmas.


This holiday season, we are working to show God’s love by giving Christmas boxes to children less fortunate then ourselves. Please join with the Children & Families Ministry and donate a box or two. The boxes should be filled with a ‘WOW’ toy and a variety of gifts such as; hygiene items, school supplies, & simple small toys (no liquids please). Determine whether your gift will be for a boy or a girl, and the child's age category: 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14. Place a label on the box to show your choice. Please put a donation check of $9 made payable to Samaritan's Purse (or $9 cash) inside the box to cover the shipping costs. Boxes must be at church by November 12th. These shoeboxes will be delivered to needy children across the world in time for Christmas.  (For a complete packing list look on the display table in our church)



Let the Children Pack It!!

Our children and their families will LOVE having the responsibility of packing your Operation Christmas Child boxes!


If you don’t have the time to pack a box or are confused about what to pack, leave it to our Prince of Peace children. They will buy the items for you, and with care & love pack your box for you. Just give your $30 donation to us by November 5 and our children will have great joy creating a special box for you.


SAVE THE DATE! Makerfest Family Sunday

On Sunday, November 5th we will have a fun-packed Family Sunday. Our POP families will tinker, invent, doodle and create together! At each idea-sparking station you will come to learn how our Master Maker has made us for a unique purpose & that we are all God’s Masterpieces!



Champions Calendar



10        Begin in Church, God Creates Everything (Genesis 1-3)

17        God Talks to Noah (Genesis 6-9) Communion in Church, Ice Cream Social

24        God Has a Plan for Joseph (Genesis37-50)



01        God Rescues the Israelites (Exodus) Communion in Church

08        Play Day

15        Moses & the 10 Commandments (Exodus)

22        Balaam’s Donkey (Numbers)Communion in Church

29        Rahab & Battle at Jericho (Joshua)



05        ‘Makerfest’ Family Sunday

12        Children pack boxes & bring into church, Last Day to bring in Christmas Shoeboxes

19        Light Advent Wreath, Pageant practice

26        No classes, Have a Happy Thanksgiving



03        Light Advent Wreath, Pageant practice, Advent 1

10        Light Advent Wreath, Pageant practice in class &after in Church, Advent 2

17        Christmas Pageant & Party, Advent 3

24        No Classes, Have a Merry Christmas with your families Advent 4



31        No Classes, Have a Happy New Year!

07        10am Classes Begin



Youth Ministry

Youth Group Calendar For Middle and High Schoolers— 

Sunday Morning Meetings: from 11:30am - 12:15pm in the Youth Center


Friday Night Film/Fun/Food/Fellowship: from 7pm - 9pm in the Youth Center


Guitar Lesson Free-For-All:  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30pm - 8pm in the Chapel. 




Texas Flood Victims and Operation Gratitude –  The Hurricane was devastating to so many families in Texas and Operation Gratitude put out a call to all houses of worship and civic groups for some specific items. Our POP family answered the call! Thank you so much to all those parishioners who brought in towels, socks, underwear, blankets and hygiene items… and even donated money for their shipping costs.   I was able to take over 11 large trash bags filled with the needed items. I know many will benefit from your generosity.


West Valley Food Pantry’s Back to School Drive – Thanks to your generous donations, the Pantry was able to pack and give out over 300 backpacks to children in need.  The faces of the children glowed with happiness as they picked out their favorite color and found everything they needed to have a successful year in school.  Thank you for lightening the hearts of the children and easing the financial burden of the parents.


West Valley Food Pantry’s Annual Luncheon Saturday, September 9 is the Annual Volunteer Luncheon and one of the honorees is our very own Barbara Partridge and her merry (and sweaty!) band of gardeners.  Thanks to this hardworking POP team, the clients of the Pantry receive fresh vegetables in their bags of groceries.  They are an invaluable addition toward a healthy diet and we so appreciate every strained muscle and drop of perspiration that is given.  THANK YOU ALL!


We look forward to an abundant fall that is filled with blessings for all those who are in need and for each of you.


With Thanks and Blessings


Debbie Decker

POP Outreach & Development


From the Deacon's Den

First and foremost, another round of thanks and praise for all those who help produce one spectacular ordination last month: the Altar Guild and Episcopal Church Women, Ushers and Oblation Bearers, Lector and L.E.M.’s, Musicians and Men’s Choir, Presenters and Clergy, Acolytes and Master of Ceremonies, and especially the Wonderful Wednesday Group for providing such a sumptuous reception following the service. And most particularly, all of you who took time out of your day to come and help celebrate a very special occasion for me and my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

And so now what, Deacon George? What exactly are you going to do now that you’re our deacon? Well, as the Customary for Deacons states “A deacon is a baptized person called and empowered by God and the Church to be a model of Christ’s servant ministry for all people. As agents of God’s compassion and reconciling grace, deacons are missionaries to the world and messengers to the Church of the world’s needs, hopes, and concerns…Deacons are living symbols of Christ’s presence as they embody Christ’s servant ministry and point to the presence of Christ in those they serve.” To paraphrase the words of Deacon Dennis Sheridan as he so eloquently put it in his sermon at the ordination, deacons are not those who do the work of the Church all alone, but they enhance the work and ministry of the laity, they don’t supplant it. The deacon calls the whole Church to a life of Christian ministry. And that’s exactly what I hope and plan to do. So, get ready to get involved in the servant ministry of the Church and be prepared to join me in witnessing Christ love to a world that so desperately needs it. Watch these pages….

George Packer


Around the Diocese



invites your prayers

and presence for our special  


of the Spiritual Leadership of

Bishop +Jon & Mary Bruno

Sunday, October 1, 2017 


The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour   

535 West Roses Road

San Gabriel, CA 91775


As Bishop +Jon and Mary near their retirement,

we gather to celebrate the extraordinary legacy and generosity

of their leadership to so many in the Diocese of Los Angeles

and beyond.


Contributions are invited

to help create a Legacy Fund

for Stillpoint to nurture Spiritual Leaders

in the Bruno's name.

Well done, good and faithful servant.



Light Fare and Wine



Please reply before September 20th

by e-mailing



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