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Easter 2018


From the Rector

One of the challenges that I face is remembering a great divide that threatens my thinking and my acting every day.  It is not a natural divide; it is one that has grown in the past century much to the churches detriment.  It is the divide between what some call the sacred and the secular.  To put it simply, the idea that many people ascribe to is that some things are sacred/spiritual and they matter to God and other things secular/physical don’t matter to God, at least, not very much. 


The problem with this type of thinking is that by definition most of life is secular.  5% (and maybe I’m being generous) is going to church, praying, reading the Bible and sharing our faith.  The other 95% is spent grocery shopping, paying bills, walking the dog, exercising, eating, working... you get the idea.  This is the stuff of everyday life.


When I get caught up in this sacred/secular divide, I feel frustrated because I think the things I do every day, be it work, rest, and play, is “spiritually” meaningless and pointless and doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of God’s kingdom because it’s not sacred.  So much of life is mundane. We don’t feel like we’re changing the world; we’re changing diapers, or answering e mails, or working on Excel spreadsheets.  There are times when we might say this stuff is pretty empty and ask ourselves, does any of this stuff matter? Or maybe we feel a little guilt because, even though our job or our volunteer opportunities aren’t “sacred,” we enjoy what we do.  And maybe when we come home from work and enjoy a glass of really good wine or watch a great movie or eat a delicious meal some of us feel a nagging sense of disease because we enjoyed it so much, and it wasn’t really spiritual.


The paradigm of secular as spiritual is really out of whack for many people.  Not only is it untrue, it is also dangerous.  The word spiritual is not well understood (to quote a Spaniard from the movie The Princess Bride “I do not think it means what you think it means.”)  For our spiritual ancestors, the Hebrews, the word spiritual wasn’t even in the Old Testament.  Why? Because in the Jewish worldview, all of life is spiritual.  Unfortunately many of us think spiritual means esoteric, immaterial, otherworldly, mystical. The word spiritual is used by St. Paul in the New Testament.  What he means by that term is “animated by the Holy Spirit” and for Paul every aspect of our lives should be spiritual.


If you asked Jesus about his spiritual life, he would have looked at you confused.  I think his response would be something like, “What do you mean my spiritual life?  You mean my life?  All of my life is spiritual.”  Jesus didn’t buy into the sacred/secular divide.  To him, the God he called Father was as close as the air against his skin.  To Jesus life was infused with the sacred all around.  For Jesus and His way, God wants to be involved in every square inch of our lives.


Because everything is spiritual (check out a DVD by Rob Bell with this title) everything and everyone matter to God.  The spirit is the driving force that empowers us to do what we are called to do and be here on earth.  Maybe, the next time you are relaxing, you might remember this and realize that work and play, work inside and outside the church, whether Bach or the Beatles...  everything is spiritual.  Perhaps God will feel a bit more present when we remember this.


In Easter Joy,

Fr. Rand


Worship Schedule

Easter 2018


6:30am – Holy Communion in the Chapel

This service is ½ hour long followed by a continental breakfast.  A great service for commuters who want spiritual refreshment for the middle of the week.


Holy Week:

Wednesday, March 28
6:30am – Holy Communion


Thursday, March 29 – Maundy (Command) Thursday

Noon – Holy Communion in the Chapel

7:30pm – Foot washing, Communion, Stripping of the Altar in the Sanctuary

Chapel: Watch with me one hour vigil (9pm until noon Good Friday)


Friday, March 30 – Good Friday

Noon – Prayer Book Good Friday Liturgy

7:30pm – Good Friday Liturgy in the Sanctuary:


Saturday, March 31 First Mass of Easter

8pm – Great Vigil of Easter: Service of Light, Lessons, Renewal of Baptismal Vows and Holy Communion



April 1 – Feast of the Resurrection/Easter Sunday

8am   – Festal Communion/Flowering of the Cross

10am – Festal Communion/Flowering of the Cross
Egg hunt after both services

April 8 – Second Sunday of Easter

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

10am – Blessing of the Animals


April 15 – Third Sunday of Easter

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

2pm Regional Confirmation - +Bishop Bruce officiating


April 22 – Fourth Sunday of Easter

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


April 29 – Fifth Sunday of Easter

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


May 6 – Sixth Sunday of Easter

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


May 13 – Seventh Sunday of Easter

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


May 20 – The Day of Pentecost

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

You are invited to wear Red as we celebrate the outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit on all flesh. 


May 27 – Trinity Sunday

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

10am – Holy Baptism


Parish Family Notes

The next Baptism will be on Trinity Sunday, May 27.  Please email for an application.


Major thanks for all who made our Lenten journey and our arrival at Easter so meaningful.


Bill Prescott (who wrote our Lenten Stewardship of Creation Daily Reflections). Bill and the Prince's Players will also share the Passion Readings and Maundy Thursday offerings with our community during Holy Week.


Thanks to all those who experimented this Lenten Season with Morning Prayer on Zoom.  We had 10-12 people faithfully praying at 7am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Thanks to Hank Suzukawa and Chantel Zimmerman who helped lead prayer.


Thanks to Brian Tucker and Tim Sabourin who led our Lenten Tuesday evening class on the Stages of Spiritual Growth.  Also thanks to Leslie Yannetti who organized the meals (set up and clean up too) and Jeff Stichler, Richard Podleski, Roman Melnyk, Ann Gillinger, Bill Rockwood, and Sylvia Kubeisy who prepared wonderful soups for the dinner.


Thanks to Hank Suzukawa for the hard work he put into our developing and launching our new web site.  If you haven’t seen it please go to


Thanks to all who worked so hard to help complete the flooring project in the sanctuary.  Dennis Bartz, Chuck Wathen, Joe Stewart, and Roman Melnyk who worked on the kneelers, and for the Altar Guild who spent a great deal of time cleaning dust from everywhere!!!!


Thanks to the facilities committee and Etta Litterini for arranging for upholstery repair and cleaning of our pews in time for Easter.


Thanks to Deacon George Packer and Youth Director, Marc Miller, for teaching a preparing our confirmands who are ready for Bishop Bruce’s visit on April 15th at 2pm.  Come and support our confirmands.




Wednesday Morning Easter Series

David DeJean is teaching a class starting Wednesday, April 11 from 9 -10:30am in the Guild Room..  “Bible Basics Your Questions asked and Answered”.  


Fr. Rand


Vestry News

Amazing grace - that's what we all experienced during our March retreat.  After enjoying  a delightful Greek dinner at Leslie Yannetti's beautiful home, we got to know one another better by finding 10 things we had in common.  On Saturday, Brian Tucker our morning mediation, followed by another of Patty Papps' 'growing together" activities.  We then delved into an "up close and personal" look at all of the many, many ministries we are involved in at Prince of Peace.  We learned who were our quiet heroes, guiding these efforts over the years, and each vestryman and woman aligned him/herself with  one specific one to encourage and mentor this year.  We literally "reinvented the wheel" with the chart below.  Look for us visiting, encouraging, and supporting our sisters and brothers in faith.  If you are looking for a new direction for your activities, take a spin around this wheel and discover a new way the Lord is working in our parish. 


If you have noticed, the wheel is also a prominent feature of each week's service bulleting.  It, too, spins through the year, highlighting the liturgical calendar.  For those with a sleuthful  eye, it also contains a central drawing of the current week's gospel lesson!  This ingenuous design, we learned that week-end, came from our own talented Boude Moore who sketched the original which has morphed into the graphic design used each week.


As the wheel turns from Lent to Easter, the Vestry would like to wish our parish family a Blessed Easter! May you all feel the Lord's love during this special time.


Ann Gillinger




News From the West Valley Food Pantry

Spring heralds lots of activities on the POP campus and that includes OUTREACH. 


PATH – The Pantry AND Church Volunteers will be packing about 35-40 bags of groceries to be taken to the PATH (People Assisting The Homeless) senior living apartments in Winnetka on the second Thursday of every month.  If you’d like to take part in this outreach event, please see Roya Muniz, Margaret Shively or Debbie Decker after church to sign up!


“STAMP OUT HUNGER” Each year the United States Postal Service does a nationwide food ingathering and distributes the food to local pantries.  Our West Valley Food Pantry is the grateful recipient of all the food collected at the Woodland Hills Post Office.  On Saturday, May 12th between 1-7pm, we could use your help sorting and boxing all the food donated. We’d be so grateful if you could spare an hour or two to help the needy in this community and help us STAMP OUT HUNGER! Please go to the Pantry’s and sign up for the hours you’re available.



Because the Pantry serves approximately 3000 a month, as we head into summer, please continue to bring a can of tuna or jar of peanut butter on the first Sunday of every month.  We are so blessed and have so much… please remember those that have little.


With Thanks and Blessings,

Debbie Decker

Outreach Coordinator


Volunteer Opportunities

Exciting Opportunities! Great pay! All you need is a love of God.


Our outreach Vacation Bible School is in need of some loving hands. We can use any talent the Lord has given you from decorating, preparing snacks, giving craft instructions, acting, talking with children, leading or assisting a group, leading a song, playing games or taking photos. Only 4 hours a day for 5 days, July 9-13, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. Please pray about this!  Contact Linda Sawyer or call the office at (818) 346-6968.


Children & Families Ministry

You are InvitedThe children will be presenting the congregation and Sunday school Leaders with a ‘Thank You Ice Cream Social’ on Sunday, June 10th, after the 10am service. This is given as a Thank You for all your Support & Prayers!


thanks you myspace orkut friendster comments


You Are a Blessing from God!

A Thank You goes to each of you on the Children Ministry Team. Thorough your love, patience, and guidance, throughout the year, our children have been shown Christ’s love for them.


Thank You: Alma Fountain, Kevin Fountain, Patty Papps, Karen King, Connie Bartz, Karen King, Richard Muniz, Nova Heiss, Marc Miller, Marge Stanton, Elizabeth & Caroline Bates.


God bless you Champion Team!


Linda Sawyer (818) 346-6968 ext. 204


Special Events


Easter Day 2010

Easter Sunday, April 1 – During the 8am & 10am services, there will be an opportunity for your child to bring up a flower to flower the Easter Cross. There will also be Easter Eggs Hunts after each service with paper bags provided. We will have an area for children ‘Under 4 years’ & an area for ‘4 years and over’.


Calling All Easter Bunny Helpers! If you or your family would like to help with the decoration of the lawn, putting out Easter Eggs, or helping to clean up, please contact Linda at  Even bunnies can use help!

Blessing of the Animals


Sunday, April 8, on the patio at 10am. 


All children are invited to bring their loving pets

or a favorite plush animal for a blessing. 

There will be no classes or childcare

A Children’s Sabbath, Sunday, May 13th. At the 10am service, there will be many special opportunities for our younger children to participate in Worship: reading from the Bible, ushering, taking the offertory, singing & teaching us about the Books of the Bible. Collection

We are collecting snacks for Vacation Bible School and Summer Sunday School. We can use any snacks such as: goldfish, vanilla wafers, Cheez-its, Oreos, or any other cookies or crackers. Our growing children love them all and are always hungry. Thank You! 



Collecting Shoeboxes Vacation Bible School will soon be here at POP. Please bring in all your empty shoe boxes and the children will put them to good use. They decorate the boxes and keep their VBS crafts inside. Thank you!

School Supply Collection

We are collecting school supplies for the West Valley Food Pantry children.  You can help!  All school supplies are needed to fill our backpacks from lunch boxes to spiral notebooks, 3 ring binders, pens, pencils, markers, glue sticks, rulers, pencil pouches, etc. Please help us give these children a good start to their school year.  Bring your donations to church on Sundays or to the office during the week.  Thank you!




Free Play Sundays

beginning at 10am in Taylor Hall

June 17 & 24, July 22 & 29

& Sundays in August

PLAY Games......CREATE Crafts…..MEET New Friends


Looking Ahead

Related image

Vacation Bible School

July 9 -13, 9am –12 noon

Ages: Entering Kindergarten to Grade 5


Come join a 5-day adventure to an uncharted island

where kids are Rescued by Jesus!  

Each day at Shipwrecked VBS, our children will be anchored in the truth that Jesus carries them

through life's storms.

Registration Forms in office & on line at

For more information contact Linda Sawyer at or call 818-346-6968 ext. 204



VBS Children Celebration Service - July 15, 2018 at 10am

The children who attended our vacation Bible School are excited to perform some of the Christian songs they learned, just for you!



Champions Calendar


01        Easter Sunday Egg Hunts after 8 & 10am services

08        Easter 2: Blessing of the Animals, No classes  

15        Easter 3: Psalms

22        Easter 4: Jeremiah, Daniel

29        Jonah, Videotaping children singing



06        Mathew, Mark, Luke: Joseph to Egypt, Jesus’ Life

13        Mother’s Day, Children Sabbath, Bible Presentation in Church

20        Pentecost: Acts 2-3, Holy Spirit Comes, Peter’s Power to Heal

27        Memorial Weekend



03        Acts 16:16-40, Silas & Paul

10        Revelation 21-22, Jesus is Coming Back for Us, Ice Cream Social

17        Free Play Sunday, Communion in church

24        Free Play Sunday, with Games & Crafts, Communion in church



1          No classes, VBS Set-up

8          VBS Leaders Meeting 9am, No classes

15        VBS Celebration Sunday at 10am

22        Free Play Sunday, Communion in church

29        Free Play Sunday, Communion in church



5          Free Play Sunday, Communion in Church

12        Free Play Sunday, Communion in Church

19        Free Play Sunday, Communion in Church

26        Free Play Sunday, Communion in Church



2          Labor Day weekend, Free Play Sunday

9          Leaders Meeting 9am, Sunday School Classes begin at 10am.


Youth Ministry

Youth Group Calendar:

Sunday Morning Meetings: continue to at 10am  in the Youth Center.

Friday Night Fellowship: from 7pm - 9pm in the Youth Center. Meet for either a movie or game night (and definitely food!).

Guitar Class: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30pm - 8pm in the Chapel, Marc Miller will be teaching guitar to anybody who shows up: youth or adult. It'll be group lessons and you have to bring your own guitar. During the last half hour at least, he will be playing praise and worship songs and anyone can come for that and sing along!

Contact Marc at for more information.



PeacePrints Editorial Info

Submissions for the Pentecost Newsletter, 2018


The submission deadline for the first Pentecost edition of PeacePrints is Sunday, May 6. Please e-mail items for events through September 3 to Katherine Geeslin at Please call Katherine at (818) 346-6968 with questions. PeacePrints welcomes expressions of all views. Articles should be brief and are subject to editing. The author must be identified. Thanks!