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Pentecost 2018


From the Rector

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!


One thing that I have been pondering in the last week is how, as a community, we can be more of a "Resurrection People?" This question is at the very least about Easter worship (everything we do should be under-girded by worship) however it is more than that.  It's hard to explain but Resurrection People is a phrase that continues to come to me.


It is so easy to think of the Feast of the Resurrection as a one day celebration.  How can we continue to be open to the joy and wonder of Easter for the 40 day season and beyond?  I'm sure it is not only about program and events though that may be a part it.


Please join me in prayer for an openness to listen to God about this?


One of the blessings of having been in a community for a long time is I have developed a sense of history.  Looking back on three decades of ministry at Prince of Peace, I have seen  definite focuses.


1.  There has been a season of community.  This has been an answer to the Lord's invitation, "See how they love one another." (social, dinner club, newcomer dinners, golf, enjoying being with one another). 


2. There has been a season of the spirit.  This has been an answer to the Lord's
invitation, "Be filled with the Holy Spirit." (Healing ministry, expanded pastoral care, small groups, Alpha, intercessors, DOK, alternative worship, teaching series, Bible studies).


3.  There is currently a season of service. This has been an answer to the invitation to Lords invitation: "Love your neighbor as you love yourself."  (Community garden,   invigorated ECW, community dinner, seasonal outreach project financial support, PATH, Pantry/outreach hires and expansion, invigorated outreach committee).


I don't want worship ministries like Choir, music, bells, Altar Guild, LEMS, ushers, greeters etc. to be forgotten.  That's why I began this letter with an emphasis that everything we do needs to be under-girded by the Trinitarian worship of Almighty God.


The blessing is that, where there have been seasons of emphasis, the impact of the other seasons do not disappear.  Maybe this is the definition of a healthy community?


Discernment can be hard and I believe you have a part in this process.  I invite you to please pray in this direction: What does the Lord have planned for us and how can we respond?


Keep in mind the balance of the Trinitarian model of Father, Son, Holy Spirit. 


I am amazed at the gifts and talents God’s faithful people share here and beyond our doors.  Thank you for what you bring and what you give.


In Resurrection Hope,

Fr. Rand


The Season of Pentecost

The ancient Jewish Festival of Shavuot, or the Feast of Weeks, is 7 weeks after Passover or 49 days.  In Jewish tradition, Shavuot is 50 days after Passover and is the time when Jews celebrate the giving of the Law to Moses on Mt. Sinai. For Christians, it is the day (50 days after Easter)  when the Holy Spirit filled the disciples and empowered them for God’s ministry in the world.  Read Acts Chapter 2 for the Pentecost story.

This is the longest season of the church year (usually lasting four to five months depending on the date of Easter) and the church’s primary focus is on Jesus’ teachings on how we are called to live our lives as his followers (always empowered to do things by God’s Holy Spirit).


The Color for the feast of Pentecost is red, which symbolizes the Holy Spirit. 

Often there are flames associated with the feast symbolizing the tongues of fire that landed on the disciples. These flames also give the shape to the hat a bishop wears during worship.

The season after the feast day is symbolized by the color green.  This represents life and growth in the faith. The season ends with Christ the King Sunday, which is the last Sunday before Advent, when the cycle of the church year begins again.


Worship Without Walls

Worship Without Walls-  begins again on Sunday, June 3 at 5pm. We will be out in God's beautiful world (watch the announcements for location details). Join us as we worship in communion and witness our faith. See George Packer for more information or email him at WWW will be every Sunday until Labor Day except for June 17 and August 5.

Mark your calendars for:

June 3, 10, 24

July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

August 12, 19, 26


Worship Schedule

Pentecost 2018


6:30am – Holy Communion in the Chapel

This service is ˝ hour long followed by a continental breakfast.  A great service for commuters who want spiritual refreshment for the middle of the week.



May 20 – The Day of Pentecost

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

You are invited to wear Red as we celebrate the outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit on all flesh. 


May 27 – Trinity Sunday

8 and 10am –   Holy Communion

10am Holy Baptism


June 3 – Pentecost 2  

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

10am – Youth Sabbath


June 10 – Pentecost 3

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

10am – Ice Cream Social hosted by Sunday School following church

5pm – Worship Without Walls


June 17Pentecost 4

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


June 24Pentecost 5

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

5pm – Worship Without Walls


July 1Pentecost 6

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

5pm – Worship Without Walls


July 8 – Pentecost 7

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

 5pm – Worship Without Walls


July 15Pentecost 8

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

10am – Children’s Celebration Service

5pm – Worship Without Walls


July 22Pentecost 9

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

5pm – Worship Without Walls


July 29 – Pentecost 10

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

 5pm – Worship Without Walls


August 5 – Pentecost 11

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


August 12 – Pentecost 12

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

5pm – Worship Without Walls


August 19 – Pentecost 13

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

5pm – Worship Without Walls


August 26 – Pentecost 14

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

5pm – Worship Without Walls


September 2 – Pentecost 15

8 and 10am – Holy Communion


September 9 – Pentecost 16

Start Up Sunday

8 and 10am – Holy Communion

10am – Sunday School Begins


Parish Family Notes

Blessings to Rhett Henry McDermott, Adeline Rose Reasoner and Liana Rae Toomey, who will receive the Sacrament of Baptism on Trinity Sunday. The next Baptism will be on All Saints' Sunday, November 4. Contact the office at for an application.


Congratulations to all our Graduates!

+ Jolanda Atuhumwize from University of Southern California with a Master of Social Work.

+ Jonathan Bush from San Diego State University with a degree in Chemistry & Bio-Chemistry.

+ Andrew Dumas from Chaminade Middle School, will attend Chaminade High School.

+ Will Seguin from Woodland Hills Charter School; will attend Chaminade Middle School.


thanks you myspace orkut friendster comments

You Are a Blessing from God!

A Thank You goes to each of you on the Children Ministry Team. Thorough your love, patience, and guidance, throughout the year, our children have been shown Christ’s love for them.

Thank You: Kevin Fountain, Alma Fountain, Patty Papps, Richard Muniz, Nova Heiss, Marc Miller, Marge Stanton, Karen King, Connie Bartz, Elizabeth & Caroline Bates.

God bless you Champions Team!

Women's Retreat

Camp Stevens    Hello from your Camp Stevens family! Spring is here, which means the meadows are abloom, the sun is shining and summer is not far away.  Visit for all the information you need to access a summer of openness, connection, gratitude and wonder. Camp Stevens encourages soulful adventure and appreciation for God's abundant creation.  At this camp rooted in the Episcopal Church, transformation occurs, friendships are made, God's love is shared, and perspectives are widened.



Deacon's Den

Sitting tonight in the Deacon’s Den, I can feel the pull and “draw-to-action” that is part and parcel to the call to diaconal service. The deacon wants to do something about anything; the deacon is called to be of service. So, the deacon often tends to jump in before they know just what’s up with the situation. The deacon wants to help, and they want to help NOW!


Tom Peters, the 1980’s guru of business and management, wrote in his best seller “In Search of Excellence” about British Airways testing of their new Rolls Royce jet engines and how they tested for every possible mishap that could happen. After many years of testing, they were convinced that they had thought of everything and they ordered the planes. On the maiden flight, a seagull was sucked into one of the Rolls Royce jet engines and the engine stopped instantly. Tom Peters take-away from this was that sometimes it’s better to “Ready, Fire, Aim” rather than to “Ready, Aim, Fire.” Peters says that we should just “Do it! Make it happen! No one ever sat their way to success."


Five years ago, this deacon (before he was a deacon) thought that taking our Episcopal service out into the community, rather than waiting for people to come into our four walls, might be a good idea. So, we started a weekly Sunday service “Worship Without Walls” during the summer months at local parks in the West Valley. The deacon can’t wait for the people to come to church, he’s got to go get them. “Ready, Fire, Aim”. We’ve been to over half dozen parks throughout the West Valley the past five summers and we are looking forward to starting up again in a few weeks on June 3rd.  Our purpose is to witness our faith to our community, to be an example of God’s love for his creation.


Normally, we have followed the Lectionary calendar for the appointed lessons, but for our fourteen Sundays this summer we will briefly explore each of St. Paul’s letters and maybe discover for ourselves which he wrote and which, well maybe, not … “Ready, Fire, Aim” …

Deacon George


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Exciting Opportunities! All you need is a love of God.

Our Vacation Bible School is in need of some loving hands. We can use any talent the Lord has given you from decorating, preparing snacks, giving craft instructions, acting, talking with children, leading or assisting a group, leading a song, playing games or taking photos. Only 4 hours a day for 5 days, July 9-13, 8:30am to 12:30pm. Please pray about this!  Contact Linda Sawyer or call the office at (818) 346-6968.


Outreach Updates

FOOD FOR THOUGHT from the West Valley Food Pantry


It was another banner year for the West Valley Food Pantry’s US Postal Food Drive!  We received from the Woodland Hills Post Office approximately 35,000 pounds of food.  AND we had about 250 volunteers show up to help sort and store all the donations.  Many of those working in the sun that day were POP parishioners. 

Thank you so much to all who helped and keep us in food during the Spring of this year!  Your time and efforts were much appreciated… ESPECIALLY by the hungry and homeless in the West Valley! 


With Thanks and Blessings,

Debbie Decker

Executive Director


Snack Collection

We are collecting snacks for Vacation Bible School and Summer Sunday School. We can use any bulk snacks such as: goldfish, vanilla wafers, cheez-its, Oreos, or any other cookies or crackers. Our growing children love them all and are always hungry. Please no peanut butter or nuts.  Thank You! 



School Supply Collection

This year, we will be collecting school supplies for the West Valley Food Pantry children.  You can help!  All school supplies are needed from lunch boxes to spiral notebooks, 3 ring binders, filler lined paper, pens, pencils, markers, glue sticks, rulers, pencil pouches, etc. Please help us give these children a good start to their school year.  Bring your donations to church on Sundays or to the office during the week.  Thank you!


Children & Families Ministry (818) 346-6968


You are Invited!  The children will be presenting the congregation and Sunday school Leaders with an "Ice Cream Social" on Sunday, June 10, after the 10am service. This is given as a Thank You for all your Support & Prayers!


Linda Sawyer

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Vacation Bible School

Ages: Entering Kindergarten to Grade 5


Come join a 5-day adventure to an uncharted island where kids are Rescued by Jesus!  

Each day at Shipwrecked VBS, our children will be anchored in the truth that Jesus carries them through life's storms.


Registration Forms in office & on line at


For more information contact Linda Sawyer at or call 818-346-6968 ext. 204


Attention Preschool Parents – If your child will be attending kindergarten in the fall, this is a special invitation to join in Vacation Bible School!   You can also find more information on the program when you visit our website and click on VBS.




VBS Children Celebration Service -

July 15, 2018 at 10am

The children who attended our vacation Bible School are excited to perform some of the Christian songs they learned, just for you!


free play

Free Play Sundays

beginning at 10am in Taylor Hall

June 17 & 24, July 22 & 29

& Sundays in August

PLAY Games......CREATE Crafts…..MEET New Friends






20        Acts 2-3, Holy Spirit Comes, Wear Red

27        Memorial Day Weekend, Free Play Sunday



03        Revelation 21-22, Jesus is Coming Back for Us

10        Bible Review, Carnival Games, Ice Cream Social

17        Free Play Sunday, Full Communion in church

24        Free Play Sunday, Full Communion in church



1          No classes, VBS Set-up

8          VBS Leaders Meeting 9am, No classes

15        VBS Celebration Sunday at 10am

22        Free Play Sunday, Communion in church

29        Free Play Sunday, Communion in church



5          Free Play Sunday, Communion in Church

12        Free Play Sunday, Communion in Church

19        Free Play Sunday, Communion in Church

26        Free Play Sunday, Communion in Church



2          Labor Day weekend, Free Play Sunday

9          Leaders Meeting 9am, Sunday School Classes begin at 10am.


Youth Ministry

Youth Group Calendar:

Sunday Morning Meetings: continue to be at 10am in the Youth Center.

Wednesday Guitar Class: from 5:30pm - 8pm in the Chapel, Marc Miller will be teaching guitar to anybody who shows up: youth or adult. It'll be group lessons and you have to bring your own guitar. During the last half hour at least, he will be playing praise and worship songs and anyone can come for that and sing along!



Contact Marc at for more information.


View From the Pew

Dauna Packer remembers Pauline Ineson:


Once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky, someone like Pauline Ineson walks through your door.

In 1982, Jim, Pauline, Laura and Katie walked through the doors of the Prince of Peace Episcopal Church in Woodland Hills, California. At that moment, we could have never imagined just how much they would contribute to our parish in the 13 years they were with us.

Who could forget our famous Christmas dinners when,along with our master chef Roman and dedicated committee, Pauline coordinated the event and prepared the trifles and plum pudding for 185 people. It became the stuff of legends. She prepared them at home and when you walked in the Ineson home days before the event, the aroma of rum and kahlua knocked you over. We’re still talking about it.


Who could forget the time that, while in the Crafts Group, Pauline single-handedly made 50 caroling urchins for the upcoming Christmas Boutique?


Who could forget the hilarious dances and skits she took part in with Jim? She was always ready to join in a quickly constructed prank or project that made us all come together and laugh until we cried.


Who could forget the late nights of pre-parties and post parties?


Who could forget the countless costumes she designed and created for many dramatic productions? A last minute bow tie for Jim, a monk’s costume that she made us all make for our husbands, a strawberry shortcake costume for a man, an extended choir arm (you’ve probably all seen it by now)...the list goes on…


Who could forget the extraordinary pieces Pauline created as a Master Crafter, keeping these art forms alive by teaching them to others?


Yet in view of these and her many other accomplishments, the greatest of them all is the two beautiful young women she and Jim raised together. They are her true legacy. Through them, her spirit will live on. Laura and Katie, we know you’ll tell the stories about your mother to your children--and to their children.


Jim, we’re sure you’ll never forget the day Pauline walked into your life. Together, you were a force bigger than life. She was and still is your rock. She dedicated her life to you and your family. Her spirit is still very much with you. She is just in the other room.

But…you may have to make your own dinner.


Who could forget Pauline? No one. No one who has ever known her ready smile, her quick wit, her warm friendship, and her enduring love. She embodies the grace and beauty of the extraordinary pieces of art she created. She is the epitome of the patience and dedication required to pass these intricate skills on to others.


Once in a lifetime, if you’re really lucky, you meet a person like Pauline Ineson. Dear friends, we are the lucky ones. More than that, we have been greatly blessed to have been known and loved by her.


Our friends across the pond, we celebrate Pauline’s glorious life with you. Our hearts are broken to have lost her but our memories of Pauline will continue to guide us and inspire us. We join you in a trans-Atlantic embrace of Katie, Laura, and Jim.


From our united Episcopal churches in the US, we join with you, our brothers and sisters in Christ, to pray with God’s help for a kinder and gentler world; a world of peace and harmony. Take us and use us to love and serve our Lord and all people. In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, AMEN.


Pauline Ineson waving from the middle of this picture of the 1993 Vestry.  Can you pick out Paul Stennes, Don Kreuzberger, Mark Panatier, Roger Pelham, Rand Reasoner+, Dave Tong, Nancy Bragg and Pat Garner?


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