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Pentecost: Fall 2018    

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From the Rector
Rand Reasoner+
Social Justice or Make Disciples?
It seems (at least in the circles I travel in) the topic of lots of Christian gatherings is Social Justice. Social Justice has a lot of definitions that run from being nice to empowering marginalized groups, to what I like to call "plain old Biblical justice" which points to a belief that living the Gospel has the power to transform societies from the inside out. The power of the Gospel can transform individuals to truly love of God and actually love all our neighbors.
One of the things I do not hear in these conversations on Social Justice is evangelism which is the beginning of personal transformation. I believe everything in our faith life begins there. Growing into the "full stature of Christ" tackles our personal flaws. Becoming more like Jesus changes everything from the way we spend money, to how use our time, pray and the way we serve and love others.
In reality, making disciples and social justice are two sides of the same coin. If we want to see social change, then we are called to grow as disciples and to make more disciples. The Episcopal Church, like most mainline denominations, is shrinking in numbers and influence. I believe one of the reasons for this is we have focused almost exclusively on social justice and ignored disciple making. It as if we have believed that doing good is the essence of Christianity. It isn't. Doing good is a result of our personal and corporate redemption. Growing and making disciples is the foundation for social change. Two sides of the same coin.
If you find that you are only doing good, and yet not growing in your knowledge and love of God, I invite you to participate in our Spiritual Discovery class this fall. Growing, knowledge, and experience can lead to transformation and that is what the Christian life is about.....personally, corporately, societally.

Grace and Peace,
Fr. Rand

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Choir and Bells are back on Sunday, September 9! 
Parish Family Notes

Prince of Peace is blessed with a dedicated, caring and creative community.  Thank you to all the parishioners who contribute their time and talents in so many ways!

The Next Baptism will be Sunday, November 4, The Feast of All Saints.  If you are interested in the Sacrament of Baptism for yourself or are inquiring for someone else, please contact the parish office at 818-346-6968.

Spiritual Discovery
Join us for a ministry we are calling Spiritual Discovery/The Way of Jesus. The goal of this time is learning how to connect or stay more connected to God through Jesus Christ. How do we translate our faith into our daily lives of work, school, family, and relationships.
6:15-7pm        Dinner
7-7:30pm        Class
7:30-8:10pm   Small group
8:10-8:30pm   Questions raised and a take away
                        (action to practice)
The subject matter is Bishop Curry's "Way of Love" which is a way of discipleship/learning from and following Jesus.

September 11           Intro.
September 18           Turn
September 25           Learn  
October 2                Pray Part 1
October 9                Pray Part 2
October 16              Worship
October 23              Bless
October 30              Rest  
November 6             Go  
November 13            Rule of Life
Childcare available with advance reservation.
Questions? Please contact Fr. Rand  at or
Fall Adult Education
As an Episcopal supplement to Spiritual Discovery class, the following classes will be offered on Sunday mornings at 9am in the Chapel:
Sunday, September 23     Book of Common Prayer
Sunday, October 7          Christian Time
Sunday, October 21        Worship
Sunday, November 11      Polity

Fall Bible Study
All are invited to this study of Job on Wednesday mornings, October 31-Noember 28 from 9:30 -11am in the Guild Room led by Dennis Bartz.

From the Vestry
  Vestry Notes
From the Senior Warden
Can it really be time for Advent? It makes me think of the quote:
The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot. In the secular world, this may give us pause to consider how we are steering our lives. As Christians, we are reminded of Paul's words in Romans 13:11 know what time it is, how it is now the moment for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we became believers.
As we begin the fall back-to-school routines, we at Prince of Peace, have a wonderful adult opportunity to explore a brand new look at how we pilot through our lives as Christians. Father Rand, fresh from his sabbatical, has enthusiastically embraced Bishop Michael Curry's Way of Love as a way to live a Jesus-centered life. This course/spiritual rediscovery is planned in place of the usual fall Alpha experience and promises to be an opportunity for faith-filled renewal as we approach the Christmas Season.
As Senior Warden, I am experiencing God's presence in so many unexpected ways within our faith community. I look forward to finishing the calendar year with you as we intentionally walk in the love of our Lord.
Ann Gillinger
Senior Warden

West Valley Food Pantry's Back to School Drive - Thanks to your generous donations, the Pantry was able to pack and give out over 300 backpacks to children in need.  The faces of the children glowed with happiness as they picked out their favorite color and found everything they needed to have a successful year in school.  Thank you for lightening the hearts of the children and easing the financial burden of the parents.
Read more.
With Thanks and Blessings
Debbie Decker
POP Outreach & Development

Garden Community Garden
The Community Garden is looking for a few dedicated gardeners to keep the produce growing.  Join Barbara Partridge in creating the "farm to table" experience for the clients of the West Valley Food Pantry.  A few hours a month will go a long way in keeping the dream going.  We will be planting the winter garden the end of September and will be preparing the beds with soil donated from Kellogg.  I am looking forward to a productive year but definitely need help.  Please consider this project.  If you have questions or want to volunteer, please call Barbara Partridge.
Barbara Partridge

Health Ministry
Starting the Conversation- Advance Directive Class: Sunday, September 30 from 9-10am in the Chapel. To everything there is a season, at time for every purpose under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1). We prepare a lot for babies, careers, and retirement. We are less active in taking care of the details of the end of life. The truth is that all are important. Come for a conversation about creating an Advance Directive to ensure that your wishes are known even if you cannot express them. Doing so will be a benefit to you and your family. If you have any questions, please contact Ann Lowe.

Health Ministry September Newsletter
This month's focus is on emotions. While there are many components to a healthy life, our emotions touch all of them. Consequently, how well we handle our emotions has a significant impact on our health.
Children & Families Ministry
As Fall begins let us not lose sight of our family's journey of faith. This season brings with it many demands on our family time: school, homework, reports, soccer, basketball, etc. We plod along taking on purposeful activities until we find ourselves in chaos. Being guardian of our children's faith, we need to make a commitment to continue leading them into a relationship with God. This may mean seriously setting aside time for church, Sunday School & prayer.   Read more. 
Linda Sawyer
Upcoming Events!
Start Up Sunday is September 9!  Teachers, Parents and Children inK-5th Grade, please start inside church at 10am. Preschool Children start in the Preschool Room.

A Fall Curriculum
Our children will embark on an adventure to learn what it means to go into the world and teach others about Jesus. They will see that there is "No Mission Impossible" for those that trust in God's purpose for their lives. Our children will see a church team go to the country of Kazakhstan and carry out a mission project. With Alma Fountain's help, our children will also learn how their own church, Prince of Peace, has carried out many missions projects in country of Uganda. 

On Sunday, November 4th we will have a fun-packed Family Sunday. Our families will begin with breakfast in the Family Center at 10am. Then proceed to Taylor Hall where they will make a Thanksgiving 'Blessing' wreath for their Thanksgiving Table. Each family member will also have the opportunity to make a Thanksgiving place-mat for their table.
Youth Ministry
Youth Ministry Renewal
We are starting this Fall with new energy, new ideas and new people to come alongside the faith journey of your children. I'm excited that, along with Marc Miller, George and Rebecca Packer, Gary and Katie Palmquist, Dave and Suzanne Dumas and Elizabeth Bates are joining the youth ministry team. These are people I would want as influences in my children's lives. They are faithful, responsible, and in love with the Lord Jesus and this Church.
I know how busy your children are, yet I am asking you to help them make the time and energy to invest in their relationship with God. Long after their formal education, team sports, and other worthwhile activities are over; their relationship with God will still be there. The question is, will it be a relationship that has grown with them into adulthood or will it be a relationship that hasn't had much attention paid to it?   We all know what happens to relationships when they don't grow.
With that said, we are launching our Fall offerings for youth and changing things up a bit. The second and fourth Sunday of every month at 10am we will meet as a group to learn how to "Love God and Love our neighbor" (Jesus' great commandment). Once a month (usually Saturdays) there will be an opportunity for fun and, from time to time, opportunities for putting the lessons we are learning about serving our neighbor into practice.  Click here for more details and a fall calendar. 
Marc Miller
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From the Deacon's Desk
Happiness. What makes you happy, or what would make you happy? In my sermon a few weeks ago, I asked you all to jot down some of the things that make you happy or some of the things that would make you happy(ier). From the almost 80 responses from both the 8 and 10 o'clock services, I found that we have a pretty happy community here at Prince of Peace. And the survey says:

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