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Advent 2019  

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From the Rector
Rand Reasoner+
When late November and December roll around I feel more than a twinge of panic. Advent and Christmas services to plan, pledges to get in, budgets to massage, new vestry leadership to call into ministry, and that doesn't touch the family events of tree decorating, Christmas programs with the grand kids, buying just the right presents, and my favorite Christmas juggling of who goes where/when for dinner and gift openings. In Advent I'm usually just trying to keep all my plates spinning.
The irony is that the Advent Season (that begins Sunday December 1st) is about fasting; reflecting, and preparation. The season of Advent-those four weeks that precede Christmas day-were set aside by the Church to prepare our hearts and minds for the joyful Christmas season to come.
There is a holiday song that sings "we need a little Christmas"-but I need a lot of Advent.
As much as I'd like to, I can't just opt out of the year rush in favor of a more contemplative Advent. But adding Advent activities to our busy schedules will clearly not resolve this tension either. None of us needs more to "do." However, if you're looking for ways to infuse the practice of Advent into what you're already doing this season here are a few ways to practice peacefully:
Acknowledge the darkness.
The days are short and the nights are long this time of year. There's a reason we celebrate the light coming to the world in December. Give yourself permission to acknowledge that there is darkness outside and often in our own hearts. Give yourself time to reflect on your year and be honest with yourself and God about the challenges the last year presented.
The crazy-wonderful news of Advent is that our promise as Christians is Jesus, the Light of the world, sacrificed His life for us while we were still lost in darkness. Light the candles around your house, plug in the tree, and reflect on how powerful even the smallest light is. They don't totally dispel the darkness, but they wonderfully transform it. Acknowledge the traces of "light" you recognize in your life.
Serving others is an important aspect of this seasons, but if you're already stretched too thin, it doesn't have to consume your schedule. If you have more money than time, consider giving money to the ECW who provide gifts for people in our community who will go without. More time than money? Volunteer one morning at the food pantry or the community dinner, or stop by the neighbor's house to say Merry Christmas. No time or money? Remember that all this work you're doing for friends and family is a service to them. Pray for each person you'll see this year before the holiday reunions. Serve them when they're in the same living room as you, knowing it will likely be another calendar year before you see many of them again.
Practice Hospitality.
Invite a shut-in, a family who recently lost someone, or an immigrant or refugee to join you for your Christmas feast. Adding a few more plates and chairs won't be much extra work, and it might mean the world to the person you invite.
Fast. It's hard to imagine fasting with all these cookies around and parties to attend! But the spirit of Advent can be observed in ways that simplify December life. Take a media fast for a few days (no TV for example, or Facebook). Or choose one day a week to prepare just a simple dinner for your family, like rice and beans-and reflect on how much bounty we have.
Listen to Music. Advent is already full of music. Occasionally choose an album that reflects on Advent. Music can create a haven of peace in a chaotic season.
Celebrate. When Christmas Eve rolls around, celebrate. Worship! Our light has come into the world. Don't rush to take the tree down by January 1, but consider enjoying the quieter days that end the year by keeping it up for the full 12 days of Christmas.
Whatever you do, don't let celebrating Advent add to your crazy December to-do list! By offering a slight change of focus, Advent just might save us for a blessed Christmas.

Grace and Peace,
Fr. Rand

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Advent Wreath
Advent is the season when the church year begins and ends.  Advent is a time to prepare for the birth of Jesus (the beginning) and also to emphasize the second coming of the Lord Jesus (the end.)

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Parish Family Notes

Prince of Peace is blessed with a dedicated, caring and creative community. Click the link for special "thank you" from Karen and Boude Moore.  Thank you to all the parishioners who contribute their time and talents in so many ways! 

The Next Baptism will be on Epiphany, January 12 at 10am. Contact the office at for an application.
If you are interested in the Sacrament of Baptism for yourself or are inquiring for someone else, please contact the parish office at 818-346-6968.
Fall Morning or Evening Bible Study
PATH Bible Study resumes on Tuesday, January 7th with morning and evening meetings in the Guild Room. The morning session is 9 - 10:30am and the evening session is 7 - 8:30 pm. each Tuesday through March 3rd. Please let the office know asap if you need a book. Returning participants will continue in the PATH book from the fall session.Please do contact Richard Muniz or Paul Bishop for more information.

From the Vestry
Congratulations to our Vestry Nominees.....Diana Kajabago, Dorothy Seguin,  Jesslyn Bothwell, and Erika Wirkkala. Read their biographies an upcoming Happenings e mail.

PoP's West Valley Food Pantry and Outreach Opportunities
Advent at the Food Pantry

As our clergy is so fond of telling us, this season is a time of preparation. At the Pantry we are working hard to feed almost 4,000 people this month AND have enough toys for 1,000 children. The number of people in need always rises at the end of the year but this year has been an exceptional challenge. In the last 10 months the hungry in our neighborhood have increased by 25%. We need your help to feed the hungry and pass along the joy of Christ's birth with new toys for our client's children.
How can you help?
  1. Toys, sports equipment, or gift cards for children ages 7 to 17 are the most needed items. Our Pantry Toy Giveaway Event will be on Dec. 14th. If you'd like to assist in providing a happy Christmas to these children who are victims of poverty, please bring these items to the Pantry by Dec. 12th.
  2. Donate food. Breakfast cereals, peanut butter, tuna, or holiday foods are always needed and welcome.
  3. Volunteer! We need help each morning in processing the food coming to the Pantry from our local grocery stores and donation events.
  4. DONATE! Now that you've made your annual POP pledge, please consider making a donation to the Pantry to help us meet the needs of those less fortunate in our community.
We are so blessed with food, shelter, clothing and love. We at the Pantry thank God for all your support and assistance, and the ability to help so many here on our Prince of Peace campus.
With thanks and blessings,
Debbie Decker
Pantry Executive Director & POP Outreach Coordinator

Youth Ministry 
Greetings Youth and Families:

We are looking forward to the Advent & Christmas Seasons!  The annual Christmas party will be celebrated in January near the end of the 12 Days of Christmas, and on Sundays we will continue with our Forma curriculum through the end of this year and into 2020.  Here is the schedule through January:
 Day            School      Section
                    Middle        High
Dec 8      both classes at 10AM
Dec 15          10AM       11AM
Jan 5            11AM        10AM
Jan 19          10AM        11AM
In addition, we have several Spring activities planned, including Shrove Tuesday Dinner, help with the Annual Food Pantry / USPS Stamp Out Hunger drive in May, and fun fellowship activities like movies and bowling.  All High and Middle Schoolers are welcome to join us!
Contact Dave at for more information.

Children & Families Ministry (818) 346-6968

Advent WreathThis Advent Season our children will be learning the meaning of Advent and lighting our Advent wreath during class each week.
'The New Star'
Our Prince of Peace children will be presenting a Christmas pageant called; 'The New Star' on Sunday, December 22nd at the 10am service. We will be rehearsing Sundays, Nov. 24, December 8 & 15. Please make sure your child attends the practices, so they will feel comfortable performing.
EXTRA SPECIAL REHEARSAL after the 10am service on Sunday, Dec. 15th. Please plan to attend! This helps your child understand how to move during the play and gets them more comfortable being at the altar.
cookies Christmas Pageant & Party Our POP children will be presenting; "New Star" a Christmas Pageant on Sunday, December 22nd, during the 10am service. All children must arrive by 9:15 am & proceed to Taylor Hall.After the pageant our children will have a Christmas party in the Upper Hall.
Parents,to make this Christmas Party special, please bring one plate of the following for Each of your children;                *Last names A-R please bring 1 doz. Sandwiches. 
*Last names S-Z please bring 1 doz. cookies                                                          
No peanut butter or nuts please, several children have allergies. Thank you!
Beginning January 5th, 2020
Our Prince of Peace children will begin a six week series called 'The Fruit of the Spirit' that centers around six impactful stories that will guide your child in new discoveries about God and their faith.
They will learn a new Bible story for each Fruit of the Spirit; love, joy, peace, goodness, patience, kindness, self-control, faithfulness & gentleness.

Save the Date
Family 'Pretzel' Sunday, February 23rd Begins 9:30am for breakfast.
Lent is a season of Prayer and Devotion. Just as the early Christians did, your children will begin their Lenten season by making pretzels for the congregation. We do this to remind ourselves how important prayer is. The dough is formed into the shape of two arms crossed in prayer.
Children & Families Ministry Schedule
01 Light Advent Wreath, Pageant practice, Advent 1
08 Light Advent Wreath, Pageant practice in class, Advent 2
15 Light Advent Wreath, Pageant practice in class & after in Church
22 Christmas Pageant & Party, Advent 4
29 No Classes, Have a Happy New Year!
06 Classes Begin 10am, Fruit of the Spirit, Teachers Meeting 9am

Prince of Peace Church
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