Church Support and Stewardship

Church, like any organization, is a give-and-take operation. The church serves its parishoners through worship services, fellowship, counseling, and support. The church serves the community through its many outreach ministries. And that is a good thing; the church is supposed to be God's hands and voice in the world! But the church's work cannot happen without financial support.

While most of the church's work is done by church members volunteering their time and talents (and that is very important), volunteering alone will not support the ministry of Prince of Peace. The building and the land have to be purchased and maintained. The staff needs to be paid; the light bill has to be paid. The campus must be maintained. There is work to do and things to buy if the church is to serve either the parishoners or the community. Our financial support makes these things happen.


As stewards (managers on God's behalf) of Prince of Peace, we are called on to look at all that God has blessed us with and give something in thanksgiving in return. After prayerful consideration about financial giving to God's work through Prince of Peace, we ask our parishoners to commit (pledge) to give of our time, talent, and treasure. The Hebrew Scriptures commanded to set aside ten percent of one's income as a gift to God. We have moved from the law of tithe to the grace of generosity with Jesus.

Traditionally, Prince of Peace requests the parishoners submit a pledge of financial support in November (to allow for planning of the next year's budget). But one can pledge support at any time by requesting a pledge card from the office or by using our online pledge card (below).

If you wish to make your pledge electronically, please also download and complete the Electronic Giving Authorization Form below and return it to the church office.

Submit my Stewardship Pledge Online
Electronic Giving Authorization in Microsoft Word format.
Electronic Giving Authorization in PDF format.

In this digital age, some parishoners wish to contribute their pledges via online banking. This can be accomplished through the parishoner's bank or by using the service Prince of Peace has enrolled with (below).

Special or One-time Gifts

We understand that sometimes a person might wish to make a special donation or a one-time gift to Prince of Peace without the commitment of a pledge. Our Contact Us has our address, phone number, and email contact information. Make your tax deductible donation to

Prince of Peace Episcopal Church
5700 Rudnick Ave
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

We also have a PayPal account for donations. A PayPal account is not required to use our button below. (Use the option to the bottom left of the PayPal screen to donate without a PayPal account.) If the gift is for a special purpose or a memorial for a special person, you should provide that information via the Special Instructions for this Donation link that will when you review your donation.

Prince of Peace Amazon Affiliate

Prince of Peace is an Amazon affiliate, which means that if you order something from the Amazon referral link on this page, Prince of Peace gets a percentage of the sale. While we are not encouraging you to buy anything nor necessarily to shop at, if you are making a purchase at Amazon, using our link gives Prince of Peace some of your purchase. The income we receive as an Amazon affiliate makes a real difference.

Naturally, you will have no desire to return to this page every time you go to the website. Here are a few suggestions for making the use of our affiliate link more convenient.

  • In your browser, go to the Amazon site from our affiliate link and then bookmark the page! If you use this bookmark to access Amazon, it is as if you used our affiliate link.
  • If you do not use bookmarks, you can put the POP affiliate link on your computer desktop. On Windows machines, go to the Amazon page via the POP affiliate link, then click the little icon just to the left of the web address (the URL) and drag it to your desktop (drag means hold down the mouse button and pull the little icon to the desktop). On a Mac, it is a little more complicated. With Safari, you select the entire address (URL) and drag it to the desktop. Now you have the POP affiliate link to Amazon on your desktop!
  • If you wish to do everything from your phone or tablet, you cannot use the Amazon store app to activate Prince of Peace affiliate status. You must put an icon for the POP affiliate link that looks like the Amazon app on your phone or tablet home screen. Most Android and IOS browsers allow you to pin a specific site (Amazon reached through the POP affiliate link) directly on your home screen. The icon you create will use the POP affiliate link to Amazon. Follow the link below for complete instructions for how pin a site to your home screen.

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