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From the Rector:

As you probably know, Advent is the beginning of the Church Calendar Year. There are two themes that run simultaneously in this season, one that if often forgotten. Advent is not just a countdown to Christmas (as most people understand it) it is a countdown to the day when Jesus comes back to make all things right once and for all! As N.T. Wright might say, the time when the Kingdom has come on Earth as it is in heaven.


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A prayer that was shared during the last Sunday of the Church year gives us a clue about what we should be doing as we enter the new church year begin at Advent. We prayed the following phrase: “You caused all Holy Scripture to be written for our learning. Grant us so to hear them, read, mark, learn and inwardly digest them, that we may embrace and ever hold fast the blessed hope of everlasting life.


Below are a number of ways that you can be a part of growing that Kingdom on Earth as we read scripture to its fullest, pray in earnest, and prepare ourselves for the day when God will make all things right.


Daily Readings

If you have a prayer book (if you don’t let me know and I’ll show you how to get one) I first refer you to pages 396. The Daily Lectionary (readings) that provides a systematic reading of the Bible for the year. We have a two year cycle of readings and this year is Year one. You’ll notice that there are Psalms, an Old Testament, New Testament, and Gospel reading for each day of the year. Today is Wednesday in the Week of 1 Advent so if you haven’t started you’re not too far behind.


Sunday Readings

Again in your prayer, book turn to page 889. Here you find the readings assigned for every Sunday of the year. We have a three-year cycle of Sunday readings. This is Year A (the Gospel lessons mostly come from St. Matthew this year). If you’d like to prepare for worship this Sunday read the lessons for Second Sunday in Advent.


Morning Prayer

One of the geniuses of the Book of Common Prayer was that Anglicans, lay and clergy, were encouraged to pray the eight monastic offices:

Morning: Matins, Lauds (first light)Prime (first hour)Terce (third hour)

Evening: Sext (sixth hour)None (ninth hour)Vespers (evening) and Compline.


These eight offices were divided into a pattern that was doable for everyone. The first four are called Daily Morning Prayer (Book of Common Prayer page 75) and the Second four are titled Daily Evening Prayer (Book of Common Prayer page 115). The daily reading described above can be read as a part of Morning and Evening Prayer. Perhaps you’d like to try this as a prayer practice. I don’t know about you, but I need guides in my prayer life and this is a good one.


Daily Morning Prayer on Zoom

If you would like to find out more about praying these services the best way to do it is to do it!!!!! Every morning a 7am number of parishioners (usually around a dozen) gather on Zoom to pray Morning Prayer (every day but Sunday). If you’d like to join please

e-mail me and I’d be happy to share the zoom log in information with you. We have people who join every day, and others who join when they can. I often do this while walking in the morning or driving into work. All are welcome. Perhaps at the start of the Christian New Year this might be something you’d like to try.


Daily Morning or Evening Prayer on you own. You can always go to and they have done all the work for you. The service is all set out for you, prayers, psalms, readings are all there and they change every day of the year to coincide with the proper lessons for the day. Really a great site.

Children and Family Ministry

 On this 2nd Sunday of Advent, we continue to “unwrap Christmas” as we focus on Jesus, the Mighty God! When the angel told Mary that she would give birth to Jesus, she thought that it couldn't be possible. But the angel reminded her “nothing is impossible with God.” When we face hard times or confusing things, we can turn to Jesus, our Mighty God; nothing is impossible for him. 

 Alma Fountain

Prince of Peace Children and Family Ministry is dedicated to be a safe place to grow in faith, have fun in fellowship, live the Word and share God’s love.

We are worshiping in person at

8 and 10am each Sunday,

live-streaming the 10am service.

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Our holiday offering this year will be donated to the Senior Program at the West Valley Food Pantry. For almost 4 years, thanks to a grant sponsored by the LA Regional Food Bank, the Pantry has provided food to almost 600 low income shut-in Seniors. The grant was not renewed this year and the Food Bank has notified us that the food is no longer available. The Pantry has established personal relationships with these seniors and we just don’t have the heart to STOP providing food for these people. The cost of purchasing low sodium, high fiber foods, and fresh produce has become a serious burden on the Pantry's finances. We’re asking our fellow parishioners to help ease the burden so we can continue to help meet the needs of these lovely individuals. You can give online at this address:  Advent Christmas Offering 2022 

  • 12/03  Secret Prayer Partner Christmas Party - noon in the RFC
  • 12/12 Altar Guild Christmas Party
  • 12/17 West Valley Food Pantry Toy Drive
  • 12/18 Children's Christmas Pageant
  • 12/24 Christmas Eve Eucharist at 5 and 8pm
  • 12/25 Christmas Day Eucharist at 9am

NOVEMBER prayer requests and thanksgivings 

have been compiled and are available here for your prayers and meditation.

  • Please submit your prayer requests and thanksgivings in church on the yellow or blue prayer slips, OR by clicking here.

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