Is called to know, love, and serve Jesus as Savior and Lord, to share his healing and transformation with all people.
This Week's Lessons:
Jonah 3: 1 – 5, 10
Mark 1: 14 – 20 
Weekly Happenings
January 20 - January 27
From the Rector:
Politically much of what we read today is someone else’s analysis of that is happening. I find this analysis is often very short on actions to take to address a problem. I find the same thing true of social media. People complain about this or that but offering no solutions to issues that upset them.
Not only does this happen in the realm of issues in politics and social media, it also happens in our personal lives as well. Even in a pandemic (and certainly before) I have heard the phrase “I am so busy” as a complaint or an excuse.  People even wear that phrase as a badge of honor. 
I’d like to suggest that in a pandemic or out, busy or distracted living is a way to avoid addressing and doing something about the problems we don’t want to deal with personally, interpersonally, and spiritually. 
Perhaps if we followed Jesus' example by slowing down and going off to pray and seeking direction from God we might receive directions on places we need to redirect our energies that bring life to us and to others.

Here is an action you might want to take regarding the stewardship of your life; Do a time audit. Record, on paper, how you spend your time for one week. Start from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. No task is too small. When we are busy everything counts.

Once you’ve done your audit see where you’re spending the majority of your time. You might be surprised how much time is wasted on activities that don’t align with the value of loving God, loving neighbor, loving self. For example, the average American spends 4 hours and16 minutes watching TV (this is an average and older people watch even more on average). 

After doing your audit, look at the individual tasks and ask yourself and God the question; What else could I be doing with my time?  Please know this exercise is not to bring guilt and shame, but to ask ourselves what binds us from doing what it is that would bring life to us and others. 

Feel free to share your audit results and your next right action with me.

Grace and Peace,
The Altar Guild is again offering
wafer pick up
Saturday, January 23rd from 10 to 11:30am
New Procedure:
Please park in the church parking lot
Enter the church from the west side door which will be open. The hand sanitizing stand will enable you to sanitize your hands before entering. Upon entering the church walk directly to the table in front of the altar, pick up your box of wafers and exit through the east door which will also be open and proceed to the parking lot. There will be 2 members of the Altar Guild present to assist you. If you would like delivery of wafers, please call the office. Thank You.
Budget Hearing
There will be a budget hearing for the entire parish on ZOOM January 31st at 11:30pm. This will give all parishioners an opportunity to review the budget the Vestry has set for 2021.
The meeting will take place on ZOOM.  Click here for directions to join the ZOOM budget meeting/discussion.
Passing the Peace, On Video - Reminder: Send your Peace Greetings via video. The instructions are on the POP website: click here to connect. Contact Alma Fountain with any questions or if you need help in recording your video,
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West Valley Food Pantry
9:30 - 2PM Monday-Thursdays; 9:30 - 12 noon Fridays
From Debbie Decker, Executive Director and
Chief Operating Officer


Got time on your hands? Want to help your neighbors? The Pantry needs you to volunteer! We are adhering to all the COVID safety precautions so, if you are able, please go to the website: and sign up to volunteer!!!
Children and Family Ministry
In this week's lesson, Jesus chose twelve specific men whom he would train and end out as his special helpers, called disciples.

We hope you are following our lessons with the materials we are sending home each week. Don't miss on Children's segment during the 10am YouTube service!
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