Make a Selfie Video to Pass the Peace

There is a desire to include a video Passing the Peace segment to the Sunday worship service. Alma Fountain has volunteered to piece together short video segments of Prince of Peace parishioners offering the Peace of the Lord to the congregation. To compile such a video segment, Alma needs a large number of Prince of Peace members to send her 3 to 5 second selfie video clips offering the Peace to the congregation.

Here is an example:

If you wish to send such a clip, this page will outline how to do so.

Most smartphone users know how to take a selfie. A selfie video is done the same way, but using the video on the phone rather than the camera. However, those who might not know how or be uncertain on how should watch this short YouTube video explaining the process.

The YouTube video is for an iPhone, but those with Android phones should find analogous apps and functions on their phones. If you need to know the exact button positions and icons for your particular phone, I suggest you consult the instruction manual for your phone or Google the camera functions for your specific phone brand and model. Just so you know, the Android share icon looks like .

Note the one very important instruction in the presentation — turn your phone to the horizontal (landscape) orientation before taking the video. Yeah, I know it is easier to hold the phone upright, but video on YouTube, computers, and televisions is orientated landscape. Rotating your phone makes Alma's job much easier.

The YouTube video shows how to send the video via email. Send it to Alma Fountain. Her email is in the Parish directory. A short 3 to 10 second video should be small enough to email. However, Ray warns that iPhones make larger than normal video files (yea Apple), and you may get a message that the file is too large. Use the Mail Drop option if this is the case. For information about Mail Drop, click here.

The Android video files are smaller and should work with email. However, if you find that yours is too large to send, most Android phones have Google drive. Go to the Gallery or Photos app and upload your video to your Google drive, then share that Google drive file to Alma's email address. If you have a Dropbox account, you can upload the file to Dropbox and share it as well. (If this language confuses you, click here for Google drive sharing or click here for Dropbox file sharing.

If everything fails, I have created a Dropbox request folder here. Load this page in your phone's browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, ...), click the button above, tap the big plus sign, tap the hamburger (), scroll down to the Gallery or Photos app, and select your video file. The file will upload to my Dropbox request folder, and I will pass it on to Alma.

I made a little video to demonstrate how this works.

Thank you for your participation.