Vestry Nominees 2018


Elizabeth Bates

I grew up in Rockport, Massachusetts.  Having been baptized Catholic and confirmed in the Episcopal Church, I rotated between the Catholic  mass and Episcopal services  every other Sunday  for a great part of my childhood. I felt most connected to the Episcopal Church my Mom attended while I was in High School, as well as the Episcopal Mission Church  where I spent summers and vacations in West Virginia.

After graduating from Simmons College in Boston I spent over a decade in New York City focusing on my career in the fashion business. I was transferred to Los Angeles in 1999 and met my husband Gerry shortly thereafter.


I first came to Prince of Peace after moving to Woodland Hills in 2003,while pregnant with my first child, looking for an Episcopal  church community for my family.  I felt very welcomed by the community and joined the “Mothers of Preschoolers” group immediately.   I have been involved off and on with the Children’s ministry assisting in Sunday school and led a short lived GFS group. I am currently on a team serving at the Motion Picture Hospital and help out at the community dinner whenever able.  My children, Caroline and James, enjoy serving as acolytes.


Outside of Prince of Peace my husband and I focus our energy on leading and volunteering with our kids activities, things we ourselves love and can participate in together,  including;  running, mountain biking and scouting.


Having left my position as a wholesale sales manager of a major apparel company  in December 2016, I am currently using  the time that I did not previously have to be more involved with my family while trying to figure out my next career step.  I am currently enjoying my time as an assistant cross country coach at El Camino Real Charter High School and gardener at the POP Community Garden.


I am very grateful to Prince of Peace and the positive effect it has had in the community.  I look forward to utilizing the skills I have developed thru work  and  various volunteer experiences to serve Prince of Peace on the Vestry.


Lynn Gilson 

Born and baptized to the Lutheran church in eastern Kansas, most of my family (western Missouri) eventually converted to the Methodist religion as many of the Lutheran churches consolidated and closed due to the tremendous distances between our farms and the church in this heartland.  My parents William and Kay were agnostic and my father obtained a theology degree through correspondence courses after serving in the Navy before going to Northwestern University – he thought it funny that he could qualify.  I think that his final year serving in the Korean War for the ‘Stars and Stripes’, seeing and reporting on the casualties of the war, effected his attitude toward religion.      


We all moved around between Wichita, Kansas and the small towns of Grant City and Maryville in western Missouri and eventually the big move to California where he accepted positions on various newspaper organizations from San Bernardino to Palm Springs to Los Angeles.  We (myself, my brother and sister) lived in the San Fernando Valley during my high school years and I attended various junior colleges taking mostly general education courses and some information technology courses for a job I took with LA County which led to my career with various software companies.    


It wasn’t until meeting my wife JungMi in Los Angeles that my attitudes toward Christianity and its’ philosophy changed.  She had a big influence on me.  We started a family here in Woodland Hills (our sons Joshua and Nathanael) and have tried to make this place the roots of our community – hard for me in the city of the angels though.  We attended our first service together at a wonderful Korean Presbyterian church and there I learned what it meant to serve the Lord as we worked various mission trips down to San Telmo, Baja California.  The tremendous poverty and hunger just a few hundred miles to the south affected me deeply. 


I was eager to help locally and was blessed to meet all the senior members of the board at the WVFP back in 2007 where I later served.  They taught me how to make decisions for the board in helping our brothers and sisters in need, how to organize local market food drives, and taught me to write plans to obtain grants (from my employer IBM and other organizations).  I could see the positive impact of this local pantry during 2008-2010 as the financial crisis hit our country and I observed the pantry lines increase at WVFP during that time.  The Prince of Peace Episcopalian church and the missions that are sustained here are the salt and the light of this little part of the world.  I’m honored and happy to serve.      


Ann Lowe

I am a native Angeleno and have lived primarily in the San Fernando Valley since 1960.  In college, I felt called to enter the field of nursing.  I received my Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA and my Master’s Degree from CSU Long Beach.  I’ve been very fortunate to work in a variety of areas in nursing, but my specialty is psychiatric nursing.  I recently retired after teaching psychiatric nursing at College of the Canyons for 23 years. I am excited to be able to continue my nursing practice as the Parish Nurse for Prince of Peace.


My husband Ray and I have been married for 39 years.  Both our son and daughter are married, and we have one amazing granddaughter.


My church experience through high school was in the Methodist Church.   At that point I would describe my faith a “believing but not following.”  During college a friend was brave enough to share how her relationship with God shaped her life.  This inspired me to grow in my own relationship with God and to become a true disciple.  Eventually I began attending a Pentecostal church in Van Nuys.  It was there that I learned to practice the faith principles that still guide my life today. However, in 2013 I felt that something was missing and that God was calling Ray and me to a new church home. We were very blessed to be led to Prince of Peace.  I feel that this is a new chapter in my walk of faith and look forward to serving on the Vestry supporting God’s direction for this faith community.


Katie Palmquist

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and was baptized in and grew up attending the Episcopal Church.   When my husband Gary and I met, I began attending the Methodist Church with him, where we were active members for 20 years serving in multiple leadership roles.  When we arrived in Woodland Hills from Washington, DC, we began searching for a new church home and in 2011, we found Prince of Peace and were immediately welcomed with tremendous warmth.


Not long after arriving, Gary and I attended Alpha in hopes of getting to know more people.  That goal was quickly met.  Following in the footsteps of my lifelong Episcopalian Mother, in 2014 I began serving on the Altar Guild where I have been blessed with incredible fellowship as well as spiritual growth from having the opportunity to participate in everything that goes into the preparation for worship. In 2016 I began serving as a member of the Finance Committee. 


I have worked in the commercial real estate industry for 27 years and continue to manage commercial office properties for a local family-owned real estate development company.   My background managing property gives me a foundation of financial and operational skills as well as invaluable decision making experience.    I am humbled that my name was presented as a candidate for the Vestry and, if elected, will be committed to serving the needs of Prince of Peace.