Letter from the Rector
Dear Sisters and Brothers, 
This is an invitation to participate in worship
in the way that makes you the most comfortable. 
There will be many options
as worship opens up to inside our Sanctuary. 
First…….Online Worship will continue to offered at 10 am. We will be live streaming instead of recording. The service will be on the YouTube channel for a week.
Second…….Indoor worship returns June 6th at 8 and 10 am
What should I expect when I walk in the door?
The first three Sundays, June 6,13,20, everything we have been doing for the outside Sunday worship service, we will move inside. If you haven’t been to an outside service that means:
  • Masks will be required
  • Social distance will be followed
(sign up or call to attend worship).
  • Communion will be picked up at the entrance
(to consume at the appropriate time in the worship service).
  • The Offertory plate will be in the aisle for contributions. 
  • Prayer slips will be in the bulletin
and can also be placed in the offertory plate
at any time during worship.
  • No singing
(there will be music recorded by the choir for listening)
+ + +

Coffee Hour returns
(cups of coffee will be prepared for you by a masked
 and gloved volunteer.) Social distancing will be required.
Why, you may ask, are we still following restrictions? We want everyone to feel comfortable in coming back to church. There is still hesitancy and fear in some about returning indoors in any size group. As a Church, we want to help ease people back into physical worship and comfort in doing life together.
The State of California’s new health order will be issued June 15th.  This will give us a little over a week to process and prepare as a community to follow those updated health guidelines.
This past 14 months has been a time of great challenge for our Church community. Let us rejoice in the steps that we can take, and look forward to a new normal in the years to come. 

Lord, lead us into our new normal with compassion and love.

Prince of Peace Episcopal Church
818-346-6968 - office@popwh.org
June 1, 2021